preventing employee theft and fraud in business, commerce and industry.
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Eradicating theft & Fraud in the workplace is our main priority

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Preventing employee theft in the workplace has to be a top priority for businesses

A staggering 95% of businesses are stolen from.

A frightening statistic is that businesses lose on average 3% of their annual net profit due to employee theft and fraud. A huge amount off the bottom line that causes many businesses to fail, so if your business isn’t affected by theft (and we’re not referring to the odd envelope or postage stamp) then you are indeed one of just a lucky few. Small businesses are more likely to be the victims of employee theft, but are less aware since small business owners tend to trust their employees more.

Confronting an employee can be very daunting.

Confronting an employee who is suspected (or has been accused of theft by a co-worker) can be a very daunting and uncomfortable experience for the business owners/directors, and it must be handled with extreme care, as the consequences of making a wrong accusation can be very costly.

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Our Services

Expert Security Advice

We can advise on extra security measures that can discourage your employees from committing crimes.

Employee Interviewing

Employee interviews can be undertaken to remove you the employer from any direct confrontation.

Business Analysis Visits

We can visit your business to analyse the way things are currently set up and how they way be improved.

Tailored For Your Business

We are more than happy to liaise with your appointed firm of solicitors and your choice of accountants.

How it Works

A consultant will call you to discuss your main concerns. Matters to be discussed must obviously remain strictly confidential between us and you the business owner or director. The initial consultation, that can take up to 30 minutes is absolutely free of charge and involves answering several questions over the phone. This that will allow us to assess how much of our involvement you may need, once you have made us aware of the theft or fraud issues you suspect are occurring. We will allocate a Case Reference Number and we will then email a comprehensive report of our analysis, with some suggestions on the methods you can use to rectify your company’s theft or fraud problems. Our charge for an analysis of your company’s potential vulnerability and the report costs just £100.

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